Erfan Daliri
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One leaves time spent with Erfan feeling more connected - to our planet, to one another, and to oneself. This is how we build a better world together.
— Brad Chilcott - Founder of Welcoming Australia


Drawing from a wealth of experiential knowledge, a natural skill for engagement and a background in youth work and participatory development, I can offer your students, clients or staff a lecture or workshop that will leave an unforgettable impact.

From guest lectures in universities and festival workshops, to cultural sensitivity training and resilience seminars, I tailor sessions to ensure participants feel more equipped to discuss and address issues of social justice.

My primary goal and main focus is to empower participants to create more effective change both within their local communities and our global society.


Youth Empowerment

Each new generation of youth should be empowered to effect change and evolve society as soon as possible.

My capacity building workshop sessions are designed to equip students with the tools, the clarity, the insights and self-confidence to address these issues and create positive social change.

Today's youth already have the understanding to know what needs to be done and why, and my empowerment sessions are focused on developing their capacity to know how to affect change.

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Capturing the imagination of audiences around the world when discussing social change comes naturally to me. l love giving powerful and moving keynotes that both connect with the audience and inspire new pathways of thinking and action.

Whether you need a speaker to touch on themes of economic justice and sustainability, gender equality and childhood education, or our global trajectory, get in touch with me to discuss what I can bring to your next conference or festival.

Let me kick off your conference on the perfect note, or bring the whole event together with a closing address that crystallises the key findings and ideas.

It is rare to come across genuine changemakers who are dedicated to the core. Erfan Daliri is one such rare gem, catapulting us into action and impact, with his inspired and stirring words.
— Laura O'Neill - Head of Programs Unbound / University of Melbourne
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Social Change is more than activism and awareness-raising, it's about systems-thinking, it's about designing intelligent solutions and implementing them, and it requires resilience, clarity, complex reasoning and clear intention.

If you want to create change in the world with a new or on-going social enterprise or with an activism or advocacy campaign, then personal coaching might be the best investment you ever make. I offer an objective and experienced voice to ensure your efforts are effective, sustainable and addressing the core issues.

I bring a wealth of experience to every consulting session to help crystallise and clarify your thoughts, initiatives, and projects for social change. I can lend you a guiding hand or be a voice of reason in those most important decision making moments.

The personal coaching can be a one-off session, or you can schedule a regular monthly call to ensure you're staying on track with your project and achieving your objectives.



Investing in professional consulting ensures your organisation effectively addresses the social justice issues set out in your mission and that your clients and community can see the changes you set out to make.

My consulting services are suitable for organisations across the social justice and social services sectors, and my past clients list is proof of that.

Whether you prefer phone conferencing or face-to-face workshopping, I can help your team design or refine successful service provision projects, leading-edge messaging campaigns or advise on the design of an entirely new social enterprise.

Areas I can offer support include:

  • Bullet-proofing your theory of change

  • Design of messaging and public awareness campaigns

  • Participatory development and community engagement design

  • Efficient systems analysis and complex reasoning support.

  • Collaboration and connection to key stakeholders and communities.

Contact me below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your needs with you further and to confirm pricing, availability and scheduling.

Some of my past clients include;

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Erfan Daliri is a true visionary who embodies the very essence of leadership. He has brought indispensable learnings to Amnesty International’s refugee campaign.
— Shankar Kasynathan - Refugee Campaign Manager, Amnesty International Australia
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With a decade of experience as a performance poet, a heritage that connects me to the tradition of Persian poetry, international tours and two books of poetry already published, I bring both a captivating stage presence and a depth of content that leaves audiences breathless.

I've had the honour of sharing my performance poetry sets at;

I look forward to performing at your next event - get in touch to discuss what I can bring.

An unassuming, quietly compelling presence on stage, he has that admirable talent of drawing an audience in and soon having them eating out of his hand. Australia’s hottest spoken-word export.
— Russell Thompson – Apples & Snakes, London
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