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Because of my firm belief in free access to education, information and empowerment, I make every effort to ensure my services are accessible and affordable. I offer my time freely to schools and community groups who are not able to contribute financially, and it’s thanks to the ongoing support of my regular clients and open-hearted supporters that I am able to do this.

From donation-based emotional resilience seminars to completely free youth-focused empowerment sessions, to the hundreds of scholarships I give away to Newkind social justice conference each year, I am able to do this thanks to the flow of energy that comes towards me.

Because I want to redesign our society towards a more just and equitable system, it is important to me that I offer my work in the spirit of service rather than business. To eventually balance out the inequality and injustice in the world, we should look towards creating more symbiotic and ecology based economies.

I very much appreciate your support and I’m grateful that I am able to continue offering my skills and energy to communities around the world.


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If you’d like to support my work on a regular basis you can now get early access to additional content, discounted mentorship sessions, monthly rewards or consulting for your own social change efforts.

Patreon is an online platform for fans and followers of creative artists to support their favourite creators, and since I’m creating Social Change, I’ve also created a Patreon profile.

You can select how much you would like to support and what reward you would like to receive each month; from personalised content to access to all events and even one-on-one mentorship sessions, there's a wide range of options to pick from so check it out.

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