Newkind T-shirts

Newkind T-shirts


The Newkind Apparel range of tees are more than just a tee, they’re a statement. They are op-shop upcycled t-shirts that we screen-print by hand using plant-based and chemical-free inks. And all proceeds go to supporting disadvantaged youth from diverse communities attend Newkind social justice conference.

We save t-shirts that might have otherwise ended up as rags or in landfill, and we lovingly turn them in unique pieces of clothing with value and meaning. The message on the shirts is not the only statement you make when you wear these shirts, there is also the statement we are making on the fast fashion industry.

We want to further the conversation around the wastefulness of our society, and in particular, fast fashion and budget clothing. From unfair wages being paid to factory workers to the draining of the Murray Darling, from the throw-away culture of discarding relationships and toasters, take away coffee cups and plastic water bottles; we need to slow down and consider where things come from and where they end up.

So we designed a process to turn end-of-line ‘waste’ products into items of value in an ethical and carbon-neutral way. We collect tees from various outlets, we hand stretch our own screens from discarded fabrics and salvaged wood, we refill our plant-based and chemical-free ink containers from our supplier and we use zero non-biodegradable packaging or products that come in packing.

With each purchase you make you get an info kit about the process of how we make the tees and the philosophy behind it. We equip you with the knowledge to have a conversation with friends and family about the fast fashion industry and about how we can be more considerate humans with what we purchase and how we consume.

You also support young people who otherwise could not have afforded to attend Newkind 2020 secure a spot and get empowered and connected to a community of changemakers.

Upcycled Op-Shop T-Shirts.

Plant-Based and Chemical-Free Inks with Zero-Packing.

Each Item is Individually Screen-Printed by Hand.

PLEASE NOTE - All items are unique and unable to be recreated. The sizes are estimates and the style and cut will vary with each order. If you end up with an awkwardly fitting tee or a style you don’t usually wear, you can either gift it to someone you love, or you can try something new and wear it anyway. Life is a bit awkwardly fitting at times but we all still have to wear it.

Choose from four different designs:

  1. Respect Your Mother

  2. Protect What You Love

  3. We’re All Connected

  4. We Are Nature Defending Itself

All proceeds from these t-shirts go towards sponsoring underprivileged young people to attend Newkind Social Justice Conference. We work closely with NGOs, community groups and service providers in supporting suitable applicants. And if you wear your tee to Newkind, they might just know that you helped get them there.

Use code ‘FREESHIP’ when you spend over $95 to receive free shipping on your order.

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  1. Wash on a cold wash only to prevent ink from running

  2. Do not tumble dry

Please note that as we use upcycled op-shop tees, no two t-shirts are the same in size and style. Each t-shirt is a unique piece of art and we cannot guarantee fit or cut. Images are only an approximation of the product you will receive.