Grief Grows the Heart

It is the pain and suffering of this world that cleans and purifies the human heart. And it is grief that allows you to connect and comprehend the essence of your nature. Grief carves out hollows in the vast immensity that is your heart, and there is no limit to the eternity hidden within, so do not be afraid to look inside and find out who you truly are. The grief is just there to help us create more space and remove all that we are not.

You see, your heart begins as a door in the side of an infinite cliff wall and there is an endless eternity of earth on the other side of that door. Many will believe it is just the door itself that is the heart so they polish it and engrave it and build a mote around it and a protective wall. They try their utmost, in futility, to keep out the machinery that comes to extract the earth that is behind their heart’s door.

These people will squeeze a few loved ones in the cramped space between their mote and their door in the cliff wall. Believing themselves to have connected with others, but only able to do so, if and when they abandon their own door and fit themselves into this tiny space, which they think is their whole world.

But grief comes to us regardless of our strength, and it bypasses our defences, and yes it is true that sometimes those who we love are the ones who hurt us the most. But the grief is not there to destroy the door around which you have built a fort. It is there to excavate the earth behind it and create space in the eternity of the cliff wall.

Grief is there to continue digging away into that most soft and sacred space, and yes it is painful. The grief is carrying away that sensitive dirt to create space in the eternity of your heart. To help you create tunnels and terraces, stairways of immaculate elegance, interconnected dwellings for all the peoples of the world. And if you do not tire from this digging, if you continue allowing grief to enter each time she knocks on your door, perhaps together you will tunnel pathways into other worlds.

Plant seeds and grow trees, create beautiful gardens that offer flowers and fruits each season, continue to build roads that lead into eternity. Do not think that your heart is the decorated door in the cliff wall, and never take up one’s offer when they present you a seat outside that door.

Seek to perceive how well their tunnelling is going. Ask them if they have recently removed any earth at all. That door is not your heart, it is just the indicator of where each one of us was meant to start.

So go in, go in, pick up your tools my friends and begin tunnelling. Know that each one of us, has a door to open and that the only way we can truly connect is through grief. So continue tunnelling your elaborate labyrinths so that one day soon, our tunnels may meet. Then will we be truly united, then will our worlds be as one and our hearts actually connected.

You see, though we each have a door in the cliff wall, there is only one cliff wall that holds all of the doors. And the mountain into which we are tunnelling is God. So go my friends, though it might at times be dark, soon we will be as one. This is what is meant by the words, ‘grief is what binds us’ and this is what is meant when we say grief brings us closer to God.

Keep digging my friends and continue hollowing yourselves out. For some are feeble and can only dig so far, while others amongst us have the strength to dig further than ever before, so dig away at that earth and continue connecting the tunnels of the people of this world. In the end, there is nothing left but the emptying of ourselves and becoming connected as one in the nothingness of it all.

Erfan Daliri